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Riggs Shield Featured in The Police Chief magazine

We are honored that our Riggs Shield was featured in the October 2017 The Police Chief magazine entitled "When the Best Offense is a Good Defense: Body Armor Moves Beyond the Vest" by Scott Harris. This issue was featured at the recent International Assoc. of Chiefs of Police's  IACP Show 2017 held in Philadelphia Oct 22-24, 2017.

Read more at October 2017 Police Chief mag.pdf 

Riggs Shield Success Stories

Officers write us to tell us how using the Riggs Shield. Read about some of their situations:

1. An officer responded to a call of an intoxicated female damaging an ex-boyfriend’s car with a baseball bat. When the officer told her to stop, she attacked the officer with the bat who used his Riggs Shield to block and disarm the suspect. She was arrested and the officer was not injured.

2. Inmates were fighting with each other with shanks, and officers used Riggs Shields to disarm the inmates. One of the shanks broke in half against the shield. The officers were not harmed.

3. Two deputies were assaulted by two gang members. Using only the Riggs Shields, the suspects were both on the ground and cuffed without injury to the deputies. One of the suspects sustained a broken hand after punching the shield.

4. Nine inmates refused to lock up. Three correction officers deployed Riggs Shields and the 9 inmates were secured and cuffed, without injury to the corrections officers.

5. During a domestic call, a female attacked her husband with a long BBQ pit skewer and then attacked an officer who tried to stop her. The officer used the Riggs Shield to block the skewer and the suspect was cuffed without injury to the officer.

6.  Officer investigated call of juveniles drinking behind a business was able to block glass beer bottles thrown at him with the Riggs Shield. He was then able to subdue the suspects with a Taser and avoided injury to himself - and smelling like beer. 

7.  During a traffic stop, a suspect jumped out of vehicle and tried to tackle the officer who used the Riggs Shield to subdue and cuff the suspect. Officer was unharmed.  

8.  Suspect under the influence of "spice" was running naked and screaming in a shopping center. Three officers responded and used the Riggs Shield and Tasers to subdue and cuff the suspect. The officers were unharmed.  

9.  Suspect attempted to grab female officer's gun and disarm her. She blocked the suspect with the Riggs Shield and stunned him without injury to herself.  

10. Deputy responded to alarm call and found 2 juvenile suspects who attempted to overpower the officer. Using the Riggs Shield and an asp, the deputy subdued both suspects until backup arrived. The officer was unharmed.

11.  Officer searches building for B&E suspect. Juvenile suspect tries to strike officer in the head with a pry bar as he rounds a corner. Officer blocks pry bar with the Riggs Shield, hits suspect with asp and no other use of forced needed. No injury to officer.  

12.  Officer removes large combative patron from bar. Suspect tries to punch deputy twice in the face and is blocked by the Riggs Shield. Suspect sustained self-inflicted broken bones in both hands. No other use of force was necessary. Officer was unharmed.  

13.  Male suspect tries to head-butt officer on domestic call. Officer blocked the assault with the Riggs Shield and the suspect knocked himself out by striking his head on the shield. The officer was unharmed.  

14.  Deputy blocks stun gun. A female suspect resists arrest and attempts to use a stun gun. Deputy blocks stun gun with the shield. Suspect tasered and no other use of force necessary. No harm to deputy.  

15. Officer confronts suspect armed with a metal pipe. Suspect tries to strike officer in the head with a metal pipe which is blocked by the Riggs Shield. Pipe bounces back and knocks suspect out. No additional use of force and officer unharmed.

16.  Agent serving a warrant stops 2 bullets. Agent stopped a bullet to the face and another to the neck with the Riggs Shield while serving a warrant. Suspect was wounded by return fire. No injury to agent.

17.  Deputy confronted armed suspect with duty weapon and Riggs Shield. Suspect told investigators, "I wanted to shoot the #$@&%!  in the head but couldn't get a shot." The shield made the suspect hesitate. Suspect wounded and officer unharmed.

18.  Officer responded to domestic dispute. Male suspect attacked a female with a steak knife. The officer moved between them and blocked the knife with the Riggs Shield, bending the knife blade back on the suspect and breaking the blade. Suspect was tasered and no other use of force needed. The officer and female victim were unharmed.

19.  Officer attacked with a baseball bat. The Riggs Shield blocked the bat. Suspect was tasered and no additional force was required. The officer was unharmed.

20.  Deputy sprayed with chemical agent while serving a warrant. A woman opens the door and sprays a can of a chemical agent toward the deputy's face. Chemical was blocked by the Riggs Shield. Suspect was tasered and no additional use of force was required. Deputy was unharmed.