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In our mission to help protect law enforcement - at work and at home - we are proud to offer discounted real estate services for first responders in Florida or anywhere in the country.

At Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage, I offer discounts and credits to law enforcement for the sale or purchase of a home in Florida. I have gathered a collection of resources from lenders to title companies to service  companies and even investors who will buy a home and lease it back to you – all in an effort to say thank you for your service to the community.

save money on your next home.

find your dream life  in florida real estate

Get the home you want now - even if you lack the down payment and have credit concerns. If you earn at least $50,000/year, can cover your first and last month's rent, and can wait 45 days to move into your home, I can help. You can select almost any home currently for sale and I will have our investors buy it and lease it back to you until you're ready to buy it.

For the next 5 years, you will know now what the cost will be to rent it or to buy it. If the market continues to rise, you may find yourself locked into a price which is below market value which means you got a great deal. If the market drops, and the locked in price is above market value, you can simply walk away.

Retiring? Use a reverse mortgage lender to finance your new home and live there without a mortgage payment for the rest of your lives. You only pay for taxes, insurance and maintenance.

​go home safe tonight.

Lease it.   Love it.   Buy it.

retiring?  florida real estate with no house payment.

As a member of a law enforcement family, and as a Realtor, I strive to find resources that offer discounts and credits to first responders. From lenders, title companies, appraisers, contractors - and my own fees -  I find ways to save you money. For example:

  • First time home buyers may qualify for up to $15,000 in grant funds to use toward a down payment and closing costs. If you stay in the house for five years, you may not need to pay it back.

  • If credit issues, lack of a down payment, or divorce is preventing you from living in the home of your dreams, I can help with lenders who will work with lower credit scores, offer 100% financing through USDA or VA for certain homes, or you can rent with the option to buy in the future.

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Leave the snow and ice like we did - 20 years ago. I know and love this area and I can match your family to a home you will love too. Greater Tampa/Saint Petersburg has lots of jobs, some of the best beaches and attractions in the world, and activities to enjoy year round.

Pamela Bush

  Realtor for Law Enforcement


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