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Riggs Shield was featured at the recent International SWAT Roundup and the Mock Prison Riot Show and drew large crowds. There we demonstrated several techniques from our training program that buy valuable time for an officer during an attack to protect themselves and defend against a knife or club attack, or to deploy non-lethal responses such as a Taser, ASP or OC - before reaching for a gun. 

Police Ballistic Shield Riggs Shield in-the-car Ballistic Shield

new stab-proof protection for correction officers

Riggs Shield now comes in a Corrections model. It is NIJ Level III and virtually stab-proof. With our training techniques, the shield also acts as a defensive equalizer in an environment where officers are often unarmed.

At $269, it is a life-saving, low-cost shield.

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(l-r) Riggs Shield shot with 5 each: .44 Magnum, .38, 9mm and .45 ACP rounds. Side view shows all the rounds are contained in the ballistic material. The back side of the shot shield shows no penetration.

clear identification

keep your department off the evening news.

RiggsShield™ is the fastest deploying patrol shield from inside a patrol car, giving your officers the time needed to protect themselves and deploy non-lethal options. Patented and made in the USA, it is an NIJ Shot Level IIIa ballistic shield that mounts to the door panel of a patrol car, giving instant access to the shield to protect the head and neck while seated in the vehicle. This shield is rated to stop up to .44 Magnum, 240 grain pistol rounds and exceeded NIJ Level III stab tests in all areas. (Click stab tests to view test results.)

Unprovoked attacks on police officers are rising. California Deputy Robert Riggs saw it firsthand when his partner was ambushed in his patrol car (shown above) which had armored panels installed on the doors. Fortunately, he survived the attack with bullet wounds to his hand when he tried to protect his face, but Riggs knew he had to design a means to protect patrol officers in the car, where they are vulnerable.

Typically large shields are stored in the trunk of the vehicle and don’t provide immediate protection in an attack while seated in a vehicle. Some departments are looking at adding ballistic shields to the door panels ($3,000 per car) but criminals know to aim for the head. Consider Riggs Shield, a more versatile vehicle tactical shield for 10% of that - just $299. Click to ORDER from online store.

FBI Stats

More than half of the officers killed by firearms annually were not wearing body armor when they were slain. Of those who wore vests, most died from either head or neck wounds.

riggs shield - the fastest deploying in-THE-car police ballistic shield

a patrol car can be a vulnerable place in an attack.